Thursday, February 28, 2013

What? "Shut up...bitch?"

Quick post just to clarify something.

Why is my blog called Shut Up, Bitch?

Simple.  I got told "Shut up, bitch!" just one too many times.  In fact, in response to a comment left on another blog, before I had even transfered to blogspot and left my (fandom-oriented) blog on livejournal behind, someone left a comment that was just a link.  This link went to a particular rap song on youtube which, at one point, was the #1 hit for "shut up bitch" (I won't link to it; if you really want, it's easy to find). 

And so I figured it was as good a blog name as any.

I know that some people have a real problem with reclaiming slurs, and a problem with "bitch" specifically.  That's fine.  I would never force someone to claim a label they weren't comfortable with, or call someone something that offends them.  But me? I like "bitch".  I want to me more of a bitch.  Hell, I'm conciously working hard (thanks to books like Nice Girls Finish Fat and The Nice Girl Syndrome, both of which are awesome) to stop being such a nice girl and start being a bitch.  (And, personally, I think a lot of women would be much healthier--not to mention happier and more effective--if they picked up one or both of those books.  As much as I appriciated the help I got from Codependent No More, it's nice to read a self-help book for codependents that isn't filled with fluffy "just trust your higher power" nonsense.)

So.  That's why the name.  If it's not your cup o' tea, great.  It works for me, though.

And with the more recent harassment I've recieved* from people who just want me to shut up...I don't think I'm going to be changing the name any time soon.

*Funny thing...almost all the harassment I've recieved has come from comments I've left on other blogs.  In fact, the only really awful comments I've had here, the ones I've had to delete, came as a result of a certain youtube video made to mock me...for a comment I left on another blog!  So I'm not sure anyone really cares what I say here!  Regardless.  I'm not shutting up, here or anywhere else. 

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  1. (OT, but i just wanted to let you know I added you on Twitter the other night- this is ishyface from LJ.)

    Elliott Gish